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Firefly provides high accuracy vertical surveys delivering CAD files based on point data collected in the field. We can provide documentation of large areas giving accurate measurements both horizontally and vertically. Once a site is visited we can provide detailed surveys of specific areas of interest, providing bolt patterns and mounting locations with accuracy. Please contact us regarding your specific needs and accuracy desired.




We are able to accurately map the smallest distances and create 3d DXF files.

Project Showcase: Challenges and Solutions

Project 1. Mapping a tower and site with 1" accuracy

Project 2. Mapping a tower and site with 1/8" accuracy of target elements



Project 1


Using conventional survey equipment and UAS produced ortho imagery we are able to process our field data and use common bicubic interpolation methods to determine any visible objects coordinates.



Firefly can map both horizontal and vertical assets that have previously been out of reach with accuracy.




Converting ortho imagery into working 3D CAD files enables us to accurately map existing conditions of specific areas of interest. We are then able to provide  easy use to reports.




UAS collected data anchored using a survey total station for control allows us to quickly provide information on the entire site and surrounding area.




The overall Project was completed, producing CAD files, 280 points coordinates of attachment locations and 88 photos. Vector data over the tower was less than 1" and for the entire site less than 4". Files are maintained for future needs and additional details can be extracted at any time. Using the point data we produced industry standard CAD documents providing a highly detailed and accurate report. The accuracy is determined by the distance of the aerial sensors to the object. These measurements were taken from 60 feet from the tower objects.


We have updated our capabilities for more detailed measurements and are capable of measuring down to 1/8th of an inch. This method has been verified.





Project 2, detailed measurements


By adding zoom capabilities to the optical sensor of the Drone and post-processing an area of interest we are able to measure objects less than 1/8th of an inch. The amount of detail is related to the distance of the optical sensor. We are able to measure bolt diameters and metal thickness by adjusting the optical sensor and flight pattern closer to objects of interest. 


Project 2 accomplished detailed measurements that were confirmed to have comparable accuracy take on the same tower by a two-person climbing crew. The advantage of the drone method was that we were able to measure objects quickly that are often difficult to verify with a tape measure. We are capable of measuring objects and relationship distances between objects that were not possible before. This method also gave us very accurate azimuth measurements along with tilt and rotation measurements.







The 3D cad export of the details is drafted into 2D documents for review. The amount of information was above the client's expectations. Our deliverables included a map of the tower compound including ice-bridge, building, fence and H frame elevations.


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