FireFly's mapping and field services using UAS technology offer safe cost effective asset documentation with accuracies and details that have been previously unattainable. We bring added value, safety, and reliability to projects that are innovatively exceeding clients expectations.


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Working hard to bring an innovative solution to today's demanding deployments is what we do. Successfully saving time and resources while improving quality on all of our projects. Years of experience from diverse engineering and mapping disciplines coming together in overcoming challenges for communications, marine construction, and land development. Here at Firefly. We add value every step of the way.



Detailed route mapping for fast accurate placement plans and permitting documents.



Design, planning, and inspection have reached new heights.  Our services include Inspection Design and Engineering centered on utilizing new technology.







Mapping datasets are exported in several formats including points clouds, vector data, cogo survey points and DXF files. We use point clouds an overlay of vector data for reference when coding the data. give us a call to discuss what formats you may use and we will provide a solution.


Visit our towers page to learn about how we are mapping towers and providing no climb inspections with valuable data sets that provide details through cutting-edge advances in image processing.



Firefly UAS tower survey with high accuracy point file generation provide a safe economical solution to vertical surveys.


Our pilots are FAA 107 registered and our operation procedures go beyond federal regulations for privacy and saftey.







 UAS mapping for fiber optics and small sites capture recent locates and details for use in making informed decisions quickly by providing accurate scaled high-resolution ortho imaging. UAS imaging information design times are greatly reduced, questions can be answered in minutes and jurisdiction review times are reduced.
 Data sets are collected into valuable maps providing both vertical and horizontal measurements. We have been amazed by the amount of information that can be extracted from the data sets. every minute detail can be captured and measured, from brick by brick elevations of buildings to telephone wires.
 We have many capabilities in field engineering, take a quick stroll through some of the things we have been working on and feel free to drop us a line. We are always looking for new challenges.





Firefly Technical Services: Building Your Success


Our innovative projects are always keeping the competition on their toes. We specialize in real time services along the East coast and beyond. Browse through our website to learn more about us and our services.

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